Tele Therapy / Online Therapy

We provide online consultation/ teletherapy sessions to the children and families. In teletherapy sessions, therapy sessions are conducted by using a high quality live video call, where child, therapist and parent can see, hear and interact with each other in real time situation.

Teletherapy is not only restricted to sitting in front of the screen and following the commands. Teletherapy sessions are planned as per child’s needs.
In Teletherapy sessions, We run different programs as per child’s age and challenges :

• Parent Guided Teletherapy Program
• Parent Training Program
• One on one child therapy session.

In Teletherapy sessions, children perform not only sitting activities but also movement activities are done to target sensorimotor goals. Its not necessary that parent need to buy expensive stuff for the online therapy sessions. After the evaluation, therapist uses their creativity and innovation to use very simple and easily available items to improve speech, language and communication skills in children.